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Eat Right During Covid -19

Oct. 16, 2020, 11:12 a.m. by Dr.Anuradha Majumdar ( 462 views)

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COVID-19 means putting health first. It means putting our money where it matters the most. It also means that we will have to do much more to prevent diseases — stop co-morbidity because of bad food or lack of water and sanitation. It’s about our health; our country. This then has to be our strategy going forward.

Eat Right During Covid -19|Dr.Anuradha Majumdar|Karuwakispeaks

This means we need to rework our strategy — restart the economy and put cash in the hands of a vast number of people. There is widespread distress in the country; there is hunger; there is joblessness, and there is destitution.

The importance of food safety and hygiene has never been more as we navigate through these unprecedented times. We need to change our lifestyles in times of social distancing to prevent further transmission of COVID-19.

The potential for foodborne transmission is a concern with every new emerging infection. However, there are no reports or any evidence of faecal-oral transmission of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and no reported case of the disease has been linked to the transmission through food. In the case of COVID-19, the main risk involved is human to human transmission during food handling, from close contact with food handler or customer.

Coronavirus cannot multiply in food, they need a live host to multiply and survive. Current evidence on other coronavirus strains shows that while the coronavirus appears to be stable at low and freezing temperatures on food surfaces for a certain period, however, food hygiene and good food safety practices can prevent their transmission through food. The best practice for food business operators and consumers is to maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene, the standard protocol of social distancing and limiting social contact, and detecting /isolating the infected persons from food handling operations.

Eat Right During Covid -19|Dr.Anuradha Majumdar|Karuwakispeaks

Consumers procure food through different modes; e-commerce portal, Kirana stores, retail shop, food vegetable vendors, milk booths, etc. Thus there are two major players in the chain; food business operators and consumers. Food business operators should take all precautions advised by FSSAI and consumers required to take precautions to prevent contact and spread of Covid 19.

FSSAI issued guidelines for Food business operators as well as consumers. For details, one can visit https:// fssai.gov.in/ upload/ uploadfiles/ files/ Guidance _ Note_Food_Hygiene_Safety_07_06_2020_ Revised _10_06_2020.pdf and https:// fssai.gov.in/ upload/ uploadfiles/ files/ Guidance_Document_Eat_Right_07_06_2020.pdf

Regarding precautions to be taken by food business operators are proper hand hygiene protocols, employees/ food handlers shall wear reusable face covers/ masks and clean protective clothing, spitting should be prohibited in all areas, gloves shall be worn while handling prepared food or ready to eat food.

Precautions at the consumer end

Precautions to be taken while shopping for food items:

  1. 1-Shop only when it is necessary
  2. 2-take all precautions while going out from home
  3. 3-shop during nonpeak hours
  4. 4-use e-payment modes
  5. 5-separate sets of clothes & footwear for shopping
  6. 6-Avoid touching common touch points.
Eat Right During Covid -19|Dr.Anuradha Majumdar|Karuwakispeaks

After coming home:

  1. 1-Wash hands with soap & water
  2. 2-Sanitize mobile phones etc.
  3. 3-Fruits and vegetables can be cleaned with warm water or 50ppm chlorine solution added to warm water
  4. 4-Milk packet to be cleaned with running tap water
  5. 5-Meat to be cleaned at the end of the process with running tap water
  6. 6-Try to consume eggs within a week
  7. 7-Items that cannot be washed to be kept separately for 72 hours and then used.

Some precautions to be kept in mind while ordering food:

  1. 1-contactless delivery wherever possible
  2. 2-online payment mode
  3. 3-Discard the external package and immediately sanitize hands.

Precautions also to be taken while cooking and disposing of leftovers.

Personal hygiene to be maintained at all levels.

A healthy nutritious diet is the basis of strong immunity. Vitamins, minerals, along with proteins and omega 3 fatty acids are important factors for optimal immune functions. Stick to a balanced diet, locally available fresh food items should be the mainstay.

Supplement your diet with plant-based iron-rich food; lentils, nuts & raisins, green leafy vegetables, soybean. Consume plant based Vitamin B rich food for better digestion & reducing inflammation; brown rice, dal, garlic, ginger, methi

For stronger immunity & healthy skin eat plant based vitamin C rich food; amla, orange, papaya, lemon, guava

More of calcium-rich food for strong bones & teeth; soyabean, cluster bean, horse gram, phalsa, mustard leaves.

Special care to be taken for the elderly, pregnant women, children, and people with diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

Eat Right During Covid -19|Dr.Anuradha Majumdar|Karuwakispeaks

Some myth busters on Covid 19:

  1. -Eating rasam/curry doesn’t help prevent corona
  2. -Meat doesn’t spread corona
  3. -Garlic helps in boosting immunity but there is no scientific evidence that eating garlic helps prevent corona
  4. -Adding pepper helps in digestion but there is no scientific evidence that it helps prevent corona
  5. -There is no scientific evidence that eating frozen food or ice-cream spreads corona

Eat right, Eat healthy & Stay safe


-Dr.Anuradha Majumdar

-MBBS from SCB Medical college in 1988

-Joined Tripura government health services in 1990

-Joined Indian Army on deputation for 5 years 1997 to 2002 and participated in OP Vijay and OP Parakram.

-Worked with WHO as a consultant for a very short span.

-Again joined back Tripura government health services and continued till date.

-Presently, working as Deputy food safety commissioner of Tripura.

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