Our site is getting a little tune up.

Dear Patrons & Supporters of KaruwakiSpeaks, We are issuing this statement to notify the portal is scheduled to undergo upgradation, systems over-haul and re-branding from the period of 10th April 2023 - 24th June 2023. During this period we may release minimal content only on Facebook, Youtube. Our main-website and other social media channels are expected to be taken down during this period. Our website, mobile view pages and general content-strategy are currently being reviewed, with the team working behind the scenes to ensure a seamless transition.

Karuwakispeaks was launched by JBS-Capacitors Group under the supervision of Director Dr. Gayatri Mohapatra. JBS is one of Odisha’s oldest technology companies, continuing to deliver pioneering breakthroughs in electronics, agri-tech and computer science on a global platform. Karuwakispeaks was our foray into e-media and digital content sector, with an Odisha first, Women-Centric lookout.

We launched in March 2020, a few days before the national and internal declaration of COVID-19 crisis. Being a nascent media platform at this point, we adapted our original focus areas to meet the unprecedented challenge of the times. Especially during the early pandemic period, our platform provided avenues of entertainment, collaboration and positive engaging information. Besides, a pathway was provided to collaborators and viewers alike to develop their own platforms, being one of the catalysts for the rise of independent e-media platforms in the State.

As of March 2023, the world is once again poised at a pivotal juncture. Having emerged from the uncertainty and turbulence of the pandemic, we are now at what is seen to be a cross-roads point in Human Civilisation. On one hand we have the rise in Big-Tech, Automation & Hyper-Inflationary times whilst on the other there is a Re-Awakening, Re-Valuing of traditional norms and wisdom. Our wider audience with a mixture of youth and experience, tradition and novelty embodies this chasm, which nonetheless is symbiotically connected.

We are re-structuring the platform to reflect the current socio-economic realities to provide an outlet that empowers both the Viewer and Creator. In its new Avatar, Karuwakispeaks will be modelled as a Digital art, Cultural & Innovation Center. We will provide a more detailed update in May, closer to our re-launch day. Our esteemed audience may be rest assured this is a step in the right direction to provide stronger, more-engaging and contextually relevant content. There are a few other innovative features and novelties coming up in our next iteration, to be revealed in due time.

Thanking you for continued support and Please Watch this space for more.

— KaruwakiSpeaks Management Team