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May 17, 2021, 6:19 p.m. by Karuwaki Speaks ( 411 views)

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Do you know the food which you are eating right now can be unhealthy? Worry not we are here to tell you 5 types of food that you can avoid and make your diet healthy. Keep scrolling!

5 Types of Food to Limit | Avoid |  Karuwaki Speaks

1. Food accompaniments

5 Types of Food to Limit | Avoid |  Karuwaki Speaks

Pickles do add a lot of flavour to any dish they are paired with; however, not many realise that they can do more harm than good to your body. Yes, you read that right! Consumption of pickles is not the best, this is primarily because of their high oil and salt content. The excess salt content in various pickles can give rise to water retention in the body, which can hinder your weight loss efforts.

2. Papad

5 Types of Food to Limit | Avoid |  Karuwaki Speaks

Rice and dal seem like an incomplete meal without papad on the side. Papads can be fried – deeply unhealthy – or roasted – still unhealthy! An uncontrolled serving of papad can amp your calorie intake and exceed your daily budget. The increase in sodium can lead to water retention, bloating, constant thirst and may even cause an increase in one’s blood pressure.

3. Sauce Dressings

5 Types of Food to Limit | Avoid |  Karuwaki Speaks

It's strange trying to imagine French fries without ketchup or sushi without soy sauce — some condiments and foods are just meant for one another. But sometimes those little additions aren't doing you any favours. One tablespoon of mayonnaise has approximately 11 grams of fat, 100 calories and 85 mg of sodium — add that to your healthy sandwich or pasta salad and it becomes a far less nutritious picture.

4. Chaats & Snacks

5 Types of Food to Limit | Avoid |  Karuwaki Speaks

These foods are one among the most unhealthy, unhygienic and harmful foods that can damage your health. Stomach pain is the most important health effects of eating road side chats. Abdominal cramp can worsen depending on the type and extent of infection. Sometimes, this may need treatment.

5. Processed Foods-

5 Types of Food to Limit | Avoid |  Karuwaki Speaks

There are many potential health effects of ultra-processed foods, like increased cancer risk, too much sugar, sodium and fat, lacking in nutritional value, calorie dense and addicting, full of artificial ingredients.

While many aspects of our health can be complicated, eating less processed food doesn’t have to be. When in doubt, just start with real food.

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