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6 Easy Eye Makeup Hacks

Oct. 3, 2020, 11:17 a.m. by Karuwaki Speaks ( 492 views)

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6 Easy Eye Makeup Hacks|Karuwakispeaks

Mastering eye makeup can be quite an intimidating task. It takes years of practice to get the perfect makeup look. But there are shortcut and tricks that can make every girls life easier. So, below are some easy and smart makeup hacks. Keep scrolling!

1.DIY gel eyeliner- If you do not have a gel eyeliner, simply heat the tip of your eye pencil under a flame. Let it cool and then apply it. Do not heat it for very long and also let it cool before applying.

6 Easy Eye Makeup Hacks|Karuwakispeaks

2.White Eyeliner- White eyeliner is one of the most versatile products. It can be used to enlarge and brighten your eyes, to highlight certain areas of your face and as a base that makes eye shadow pop.>

6 Easy Eye Makeup Hacks|Karuwakispeaks

3.Heat your eyelash curler-We can also heat the eyelash curler to help our eyelashes curl better just like we use hot tools on our hair.

6 Easy Eye Makeup Hacks|Karuwakispeaks

4.Use tape or sticky notes as a guide- A tape or sticky note can be used as a guide to master the perfect eyeliner flick or smokey Eyeshadow. Lightly blend the corner to remove the harsh line when you remove the tape or sticky note.

6 Easy Eye Makeup Hacks|Karuwakispeaks

5.Hold a business card above your lashes and apply mascara to make sure all your eyelashes are covered with mascara.

6 Easy Eye Makeup Hacks|Karuwakispeaks

6.De-puff the eyes- To reduce swelling or puffiness under the eyes instantly, apply a cold compress on the eye bags. Wrap an ice cube in a clean cotton cloth and gently dab on the under eye area.

6 Easy Eye Makeup Hacks|Karuwakispeaks

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