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April 26, 2021, 7:07 p.m. by Karuwaki Speaks ( 372 views)

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India is known all over the world for its unique culture and cuisine. People are in awe of the food we serve because it’s different, diverse and delicious. The main essence of Indian cuisine is the way we integrate dals and pulses with our spices. Desserts, stews, curries, soups, snacks and many other varieties of things can be made with different kind of pulses and dals. They are a great source of nutrients like protein, fiber, calcium etc. Their addition in daily diet helps to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Eating Pulses | Benefits |  Karuwaki Speaks

Pulses are a low fat source of plant protein with high levels of protein and fibre. Pulses also contain important vitamins and minerals like iron, potassium and folate.Pulses are an excellent source of dietary fibre and other complex carbohydrates. One cup of cooked pulses gives you more than half the amount of fibre you need for the entire day. Pulses also contain both soluble and insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre can help manage body weight, blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol. Insoluble fibre on the other hand, assists with digestion and regularity. Pulses also contain resistant starch, a type of carbohydrate that behaves like fibre in the body; and has been shown have similar health benefits such as reduced circulating cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well as improved gut health.

Health Benefits of Eating Pulses | Benefits |  Karuwaki Speaks

Here are the health benefits of including pulses in your daily diet.

Health Benefits of Eating Pulses | Benefits |  Karuwaki Speaks

1.Pulses are a great source of vitamins and minerals-

By consuming pulses and dals daily, you can get your required quota of essential vitamins and minerals. Pulses are a great source of fibre, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium and folate.

2. Pulses are a rich source of proteins-

Proteins play a vital role in enhancing our body's overall strength and improving its repairing and maintenance power. Hence, if you engage in a lot of physical activity daily, adding pulses to your diet can be very beneficial.

Health Benefits of Eating Pulses | Benefits |  Karuwaki Speaks

3. Pulses possess antioxidant effects-

Antioxidants are necessary to protect your body cells against free radicals produced as a by-product during metabolism. In the absence of antioxidants, your body may become prone to ill health. This makes the consumption of lentils and pulses all the more critical.

4. Pulses are good for the heart

One of the most primary health benefits of beans and pulses is keeping your heart in good shape. Consumption of pulses reduces your body's cholesterol level and thus helps improve your heart's health.

Health Benefits of Eating Pulses | Benefits |  Karuwaki Speaks

5. Pulses reduce the risk of diabetes

Pulses and legumes are ranked lower in the glycemic index, meaning they cause a minimal rise in your blood sugar level. Therefore, people who consume pulses regularly may have a lower chance of getting diabetes.

Including pulses, beans, and lentils in your daily diet is a crucial method to stay healthy as it provides essential vitamins and minerals to the body. It also helps the body to grow and recover, apart from boosting its immunity. Pulses are even more beneficial for growing children, pregnant women and senior citizens.

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