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Holi Tips: Skin and Hair Care

March 27, 2021, 7:23 p.m. by Karuwaki Speaks ( 367 views)

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Holi is known as the most vibrant and colourful festival in the entire world. While traditionally it was celebrated with dry gulal and buckets of water, unfortunately today it comes with splashes of synthetic pigments. Aftereffects of which not only cause discomfort to our skin, hair, eyes but also can be hazardous to our health. Perhaps why a little precaution goes a long way. So, before you head out for all the fun, below are the few things to keep in mind-

Before Holi Skincare:

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-Apply oil to your face and the exposed part of the skin. You can go for coconut oil or almond oil, which will help to protect your skin from colours.

-Don't forget to apply a sunscreen to your face and the exposed skin, it will act as a barrier and protect your skin from damage.

-To protect your nails, apply two coats of base coat or any nail polish. The polish will help to act as a barrier and won't discolour your nails.

-To protect your eyes, wear a pair of sunglasses. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and that's why you must guard it against the colours.

Before Holi Haircare:

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-Just like your face, apply oil on your hair too. Go for a head massage a night before, this will help to create a barrier against the colours.

-Don't keep your hair open while playing Holi. You can go for a braided ponytail, wear head bandanas to protect your hair.

-If you have a sensitive scalp, apply a few drops of lemon juice. The citrus fruit will help to protect your scalp from any infection triggered by the toxic colours.

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