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Jhulan Jatra festival celebrating the divine romance of Radha & Krishna!

July 30, 2020, 12:18 p.m. by Dr Gayatri Mohapatra ( 431 views)

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Jhulan Jatra festival celebrating|Karuwakispeaks

"jhula jhule radha damodara vrndavana men
kaisi cchayi hariyali ali kunjan men"

Jhulan Yatra has been inspired by the romance of Krishna and Radha, in the idyllic Vrindavan, where the divine lovers along with their cowherd friends and gopis took part in joyful swinging in the cool monsoon season. This finds mention in literature, such as the Bhagavata Purana, the Harivamsa, and the Gita Govinda, and the metaphor of the swing of the monsoon or 'Sawan Ke Jhuley' have since been used by poets and songwriters to describe the romantic feeling that permeates the rainy season.

Jhulan Jatra festival celebrating|Karuwakispeaks

(Prem Mandir in Vrindavan)

The Jhulan Yatra festival, starting on the Ekadasi of waxing moon of Shravan month in many temples in Vrindavana, celebrate Krishna's swing festival. Traditionally many of the Deities wear various clothing with green in it during this period, until the Balaram Purnima/Shravan Purnima.Banke Bihari temple, Radha Raman temple in Vrindavan, dwarkadeesh temple in Mathura, Mayapur ISCKON celebrate this festival with pomp & grandeur.

In the Jagannath temple, Puri the Jhulan Jatra is observed from the Shukla Dashami tithi till the pratipada tithi.

Jhulan Jatra festival celebrating|Karuwakispeaks

(jagannath Temple in Puri)

Each day after the Madhyana Dhupa, a beautifully decorated, gold & silver swing is put on the Mukti Mandap, also called the Jhulan Mandap. After the Sandhya Arati, the divine permission/ the Agyan Mala is sought from Lord Jagannath following which the Mahajana Pushpajana servitors, place Madan Mohan, the plenipotentiary of Lord Jagannath along with Lakshmi & Saraswati in the Juliana/swing.

Jagannath Ballabh matha also celebrates Jhulana jatra along with some other matha in Puri.

( pics from internet for illustrative purpose only)

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