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May 14, 2020, 9:17 p.m. by DR Aparajit Narayan ( 698 views)

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The effects of air pollution are worrisome and are known to create several respiratory and heart conditions. Due to lockdown we have all been cooped up in our homes but outside the natural world has continued to rumble on and even shown signs of benefitting from our absence. This is the silver lining in the otherwise ominous dark clouds hovering above us.

Statistics provided by the state pollution control board show that there has been a clear improvement in air quality across all major urban centers in Orissa since the COVID-19 lockdown was enforced. Air pollution has been an increasingly worrisome problem in the state, with a slate of reports during winter indicating worsening air quality. This was especially true for cities in the industrial/mining belt and the capital region.

There has been a major improvement since the lockdown, with air quality across major urban centers now being either satisfactory or good. Cities like Kalinga nagar, Jharsuguda, Sambalpur and Talcher have especially had consistent air pollution problems. However, with the sudden decrease in human-related commercial and industrial activity, we have seen a rapid improvement in air quality in these areas.

Quite a significant portion of our utility shopping is done within a mile of our homes & we do most of these short hops by car/bikes. less vehicle-centric movement like bicycling or walking is a more attractive option to keep pollution low& improve our health.This need becomes especially clear when you know that these short local trips result in almost 60% of the pollution.

The capital region of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar too have seen approx 50% decrease in the AQI metric (air quality index). Whilst the economic and socio-cultural impact of the COVID-19 crisis has been unprecedented it is important to consider the positive outcomes. Some may even view virus pandemic as a self-corrective measure generated by the biosphere. Orissa’s management of this crisis has been hailed as exemplary across the country. With a proven track record of fighting against cyclones, it is not surprising that our state has been at the front-lines of this global crisis. So breathe in the fresh air, meditate and prepare yourself for life to restart.


Nature is reclaiming back|Karuwakispeaks


Nature is reclaiming back|Karuwakispeaks


Nature is reclaiming back|Karuwakispeaks

-DR Aparajit Narayan

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Very interesting!
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Nice article.